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In this video, we go to Savane Perdue, located in the central plateau of Haiti.  We visit the farmland and show the incredible potential of the area.  It is from this area that we will be sourcing our Tobacco product at the start.


Our Local Farmer Association

We have partnered with around 60+ farmers in the region, and have nearly 159 acres that will be available to be dedicated for our operation.  In as many cases as possible, we contractually set prices with farmers beforehand.  Each contract may stipulation unique terms but generally we will withhold full payment until harvest, which we will disburse upon delivery.  In other cases, we enter land lease relationships, where for certain periods, the land is cultivated specifically for our needs and requirements, and farmers get a steady periodic payment. Finally, where opportunities present themselves and are mutually beneficial between us and the farmer, we will also consider the purchase of land in attempts to better control quality, consistency, and long term variable cost.

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